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Rumored Buzz on Nokia buys Navteq - Financial Times

Esri StreetMap Premium Advanced Now Available with - The Facts

The company made $110 million on $582 million in sales last year and published huge gains in both classifications in the first quarter. It reports second-quarter outcomes Tuesday. A heavy reliance on the slowing auto market, which represented nearly all its sales in 2000 and still brings in about 60 percent, has sent its stock cost on a bumpy trip.

GPS TracklogTrapster acquired by NAVTEQ - GPS TracklogCS 495/CS 595 Geospatial Vision and Visualization, Spring 2011 Computer Science Department, Illinois Institute of Technology

A set of acquisitions for a combined $216 million in the past 9 months underscore that effort:, which produces live traffic reports for cities around the nation, and Map Network, producer of unique maps for travel locations, major hotels and big occasions like the Super Bowl. In a quickly moving organization, it's unclear if that will suffice to ward off Tele Atlas and any nascent competitors.


"It's not just a question of obtaining business like Traffic. com ... The business needs to focus more on emerging markets." To map 12 million miles and 69 countries, Navteq has actually utilized an approximated 100,000 various sources, from satellite images and aerial photography to maps issued by city governments and industrial business.

Navteq vehicles photographing and mapping Birmingham - al.comNavteq - Wikipedia

"I would state that 80 to 85 percent of the effort that we took into making a digital map is from that extremely labor-intensive driving that we do," he said. " Find More Details On This Page can not discover the quality, precision or richness of the info from all these other sources unless we go do it our way." The roadway groups catch 225 different attributes for every single link or block of road _ one-way signs, turn constraints, lane details, barriers in the road and points of interest that might include a hardware store, park or hotel.

Some Known Questions About NAVTEQ FAQ - Oracle.

Groups ride in the specifically outfitted SUVs and rely on sophisticated monitors displaying moving maps and icons while live video from the multi-camera system is shown on separate screens. Among the current additions: six tiny high-resolution electronic cameras hidden under a glass dome on the roofing system. On one recent mapping run, Joyce made sketch pen notations on the electronic clipboard while he and Mc, Neil viewed both sides of the street for inconsistencies or updates from the existing information.

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